Service Delivery / Relationship with Government

It is no secret that service delivery by local government is generally a problem in our area due to various reasons, but mainly a lack of funds.

During the years, we have been building great relationships with all levels of government to ensure that small requests are adhered to when we ask the right officials.

The big issues are dealt with in a more formal manner in various engagements and fora, but sometimes it is the little things which affects us on a daily basis and with this we usually have great success.

Latest reviews:

Hi Linda, I would like to take this opportunity to thank KLCBT for the intervention and assistance with regard to the cleaning of the space in front of the … Hotel. The V-drain has been closed off and the gravel has been stockpile(d) properly and removal of garbage has also been done. Once again thank you for making sure that we keep the area in a welcoming manner for our visitors as well. – 10 July 2019