Code of Conduct


Adopted by the KLCBT board on

24 February 2022


Board:         the Board of Directors of the KLCBT, from the date of election to the date of resignation;

Code:           KLCBT’s Code of Conduct, as determined from time to time;

Conduct:      without derogating from the generality of the term, an act(s) or omission(s) by a Member;

KLCBT:        Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism;

KLCBT’s Rules and Regulations:

Means the suite of rules, policies, regulations and similar documentation established under or through KLCBT Memorandum of Incorporation or through a decision of the KLCBT’s Board or executive and shall include, but not be limited to, regulations relating to membership, professional designations or certifications, Member conduct and disciplinary procedures, continuing professional development and the like, as determined from time to time;

Member:      a member of the Board, Executive committee, Management Committee, Regional Tourism Forum, affiliate organisation’s committees and all sub-committees wherein they represent the KLCBT;


any act or omission, whether intentional or unintentional, which is contrary to one or more of the provisions of this Code of Conduct or KLCBT Rules and Regulations, as determined from time to time;


without derogating from the generality of the term, the organisation(s) irrespective of juristic form, to which the Member is a member, is appointed, assigned, employed or contracted from time to time;


The KLCBT’s Code of Conduct provides a proactive approach to promoting sound governance and responsible conduct by Members of the KLCBT who, through their membership of the KLCBT, have undertaken to perform their role/business and execute their responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner, as provided for in the Code. This Code is a dynamic document, and it is anticipated that as the KLCBT advances as an organisation, that this Code will also be revised and updated in response to such developments.


This Code applies to Members and Members in Good Standing of the KLCBT, as defined, by virtue of their membership to the KLCBT, and breaches of the Code will be managed in accordance with the KLCBT’s Disciplinary Regulations as determined by the KLCBT Board, from time to time.


The Code comprises:

· Ethical principles: The Code defines six ethical principles providing Members with guidance for values-based decision-making and conduct. These ethical principles are an important reference point for Members and should form the basis for the ethical and effective performance of their day to day conduct within the execution of their roles and responsibilities.

· Conduct principles: In accordance with established and trusted global governance standards, the Code provides conduct principles to inform Members’ performance of their role in two key areas. These principles embody the responsibilities and obligations that Members commit to:

· towards the Community

· towards the KLCBT.

The content of the Code avoids strict specificity so as to prevent inadvertent limitation of the application of the ethical and conduct principles contained therein. In interpreting the Code, both the ethical and conduct principles must be applied to advance and promote the spirit and letter of the Code.


  1. Integrity
  1. A Member shall perform their role and execute their day to day responsibilities in an open and honest manner and will avoid conflicts of interest, and where conflict cannot be avoided, declare and manage it in a candid manner.
  1. A Member shall not engage in any unlawful or unethical activity or be a party to any transaction or relationship which bring themselves, their organisation(s) and/or its members into disrepute.
  1. A Member shall continually improve upon their proficiency and effectiveness so as to the benefit its stakeholders and the KLCBT.
  • Responsibility

A Member shall act with due care, skill and diligence in the performance of their role and the execution of their responsibilities and will be accountable for their actions and decisions at all times, even when these were delegated. 

  • Fairness

A Member shall act with independence of mind, based on fair, rational and objective criteria, in the execution of their role and responsibilities and shall equitably consider the legitimate and best interest of the KLCBT in decision-making and strategy.

  • Transparency

A Member shall commit to being appropriately transparent in the manner in which they exercise their governance roles and responsibilities.

  • Respect
  1. A member shall at all times act respectful towards each other, the staff of the organisation as well as all other parties which they engage with during their engagements;
    1. A member shall at all times represent the best interest and image of the KLCBT and shall not make any disrespectful, unwarranted or unsubstantiated utterances on any public forum.  This includes social media.
  • The Spirit of Ubuntu

A member shall at all times and in all endeavours consider their place and the KLCBT’s place in the community and will act in the Spirit of Ubuntu – I am, because we are.  This means that if we all play our role and give our part, we will all live in abundance.


In meeting their responsibilities and obligations towards the KLCBT, a Member shall:

  1. use their best endeavors to ensure that the legitimate interests of the KLCBT’s stakeholders receive due and proper consideration in the decision-making, strategy and actions of the KLCBT;
  • use their best endeavors to ensure that they, and the KLCBT abide by, and comply with, both the spirit and the letter of laws, regulations and codes of best practice relevant to the office and the KLCBT and that they and the KLCBT act ethically beyond mere legal compliance;
  • exercise prudent, fair and reasonable judgement in the evaluation of risk and opportunity pertaining to the KLCBT, and ensure that they make informed decisions based on sound reasoning;
  • avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest, and where conflict cannot be avoided, ensure that it is managed in an appropriate manner;
  • be honest and transparent in all decisions and communications and adopt a stakeholder inclusive approach to organisational decision-making;
  • use their best endeavors to ensure that the KLCBT’s reporting and communication with its stakeholders is timely, accurate and complete;
  • while balancing the need for transparency with considerations of confidentiality, ensure that they at all times only use confidential information for a legitimate purpose, during and after their engagement with the KLCBT;
  • devote sufficient time and consideration to their duties, and ensure that they contribute effectively to the KLCBT by not accepting more appointments than they can reasonably manage effectively.
  • endeavour to report, and do so in good faith and in the manner prescribed by the KLCBT Rules and Regulations, known or suspected misconduct of another Member;
  1. ensure their ongoing compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements and not conduct themselves or their affairs in a manner that may give rise to a civil judgment, regulatory action, provisional or final sequestration, removal from an office of trust or a criminal conviction.
  1. when they are also members, affiliates or associates of another organisation, institute, regulatory or controlling body, or association, ensure adherence to such entities’ rules, regulations and codes, and inform the KLCBT, at the earliest possible time, of any administrative, punitive or disciplinary action taken against them by such an entity;
  1. comply with the KLCBT requirements for using the KLCBT’s intellectual property and applying its member designations and post-nominals;
  1. not engage, or incite or encourage others to engage, in conduct that adversely reflects on the reputation of the KLCBT or which brings the KLCBT and/or its members into disrepute;
  1. not directly or indirectly disrupt or discredit, or incite or encourage others to disrupt or discredit, the KLCBT in its activities and initiatives to promote and advance the Organisation and/or good corporate governance in South Africa;
  1. not misstate any authority to represent the KLCBT or conduct themselves in a manner so as to lead others to believe that they are representing the KLCBT in an official capacity or as an agent, unless they have been duly authorised to do so by an authorised representative of the KLCBT.

abide by, and comply with, all KLCBT Rules and Regulations, as determined from time to time.