Safety & Security

KLCBT and its Local Tourism Organisations maintains an excellent relationship with Law Enforcement Authorities at all levels.

We are represented at:

  • Community Police Forum
  • Mpumalanga Tourism Safety Forum
  • Ehlanzeni Tourism Safety Forum
  • Mpumalanga Tourism Think Tank

Current projects:

  • Roll out information to tourism industry and police stations regarding procedures to be followed in the event where tourists are victims of a crime in order to lend them the best support and contact the correct people to assist.
  • CCTV Cameras for Nelspruit CBD and to connect the CCTV cameras on one central system
  • Hazyview is currently raising funds for CCTV cameras in the CBD.
  • Hazyview working to get the hawkers stand to a safer but suitable position – several accidents and even fatalities happened as a result of road accidents involving also the hawkers because they are at a dangerous spot next to the main road.
  • Various WhatsApp Groups share information in the tourism industry about roads and places to avoid due to protest action or accidents, or any information that should be distributed instantly.

Previous achievements:

  • Numerous protests were dissolved because of the intervention of the KLCBT.  Our task is to bring the right people together and encourage meaningful engagement to result in realistic deliverables to satisfy the protesting parties.  Unfortunately it is not always that simple…
  • The recent establishment of the Mpumalanga Tourism Think Tank is an achievement in itself.  For the first time representatives of Province in tourism, infrastructure and law enforcement met with top minds of the private sector.  The inception of the Think Tank was because of ongoing protests and how to manage the situation the best and how to maintain a positive image of the region.
  • Through the work of the Tourism Safety Ambassadors (a programme by Ehlanzeni District Municipality and Hazyview Chamber of Business and Tourism), and a crime liaison officer paid for by donations raised from the Hazyview Community, the safety conditions for tourists in and around Hazyview saw a vast improvement.  This project was initiated at a time (a few years ago) where there were several attacks on tourists and tourism establishments.
  • KLCBT assisted in raising funds for the outfitting of the staff facilities at the 10111 call centre in White River.  Because staff has to be checked in through strict security upon arrival, they cannot leave any time during their shift and therefore needed comfortable staff facilities to take breaks without leaving the secure environment.