Public Attractions

We believe the public attractions are not presented in the best possible way at present and that there is a vast amount of untapped potential around these sites.

The sites are bordered by some of the poorest communities in South Africa and development of these sites will lead to many jobs and business opportunities for the members of these communities.

We are represented at:

  • Mpumalanga Tourism Think Tank
  • Ehlanzeni Tourism Working Group

Current Projects:

  • KLCBT is actively lobbying for the public attractions under the custodianship of Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency to be privatized on a tender or long term lease so these sites can be developed to their full potential 
  • We would like to develop a “Panorama Pass” which will give access to all the sites on the Panorama Route instead of having to pay cash at each site.  It will be easier for the visitors and gate control will be quicker and safer without wasting time on payments, receipts, etc.
  • The newly inscribed World Heritage Site which is Barberton Makonjwa Mountains, has very little to offer the visitor.  The development of attractions around the Site is hampered by the delay in appointment of a Management Authority.  Meanwhile we are ensuring that funding is available for the development of the site through various government entities and we are accumulating ideas of what these offerings should be.

Previous Achievements:

  • The recent establishment of the Mpumalanga Tourism Think Tank is an achievement in itself.  For the first time representatives of Province in tourism, infrastructure and law enforcement met with top minds of the private sector.