Pilgrim’s Rest

The historic mining town of Pilgrim’s Rest has seen a decline in visitor number as a result of neglect and many business premises standing empty.  The problem here is, because the town is government owned (as a historical site), Dept of Works has to manage and maintain the buildings.  Because it is the only acceptable property management method in government, the shops are individually allocated based on an elaborate and cumbersome tendering process.  This has left many shops open with no tenants “qualified” to occupy them.

Worsening economic conditions has led to vast unemployment and much unhappiness in the local community and several community protests over time.  It is very sad that for some reason, government is not able to speed up the process enable change here – it is low hanging fruit!

We have been passionately lobbying for a permanent solution for the town to be implemented that will see it returning to its former popularity.

We are represented at and was instrumental in the formation of:

  • PRIDE (Pilgrim’s Rest Integrated Development Engagement)
  • Many meetings with various consultants working on a solution for Pilgrim’s Rest

Current Projects:

  • KLCBT is actively lobbying at every possible platform that Pilgrim’s Rest should be managed as a global entity by one authority or managing company, who will assure all shops are occupied by the right mix of tenants and that everything is maintained and in a pristine condition.  This will encourage the tourism industry to market the town and include in on more and more itineraries for visitors.

Previous Achievements:

  • The formation of PRIDE in itself is an achievement and many fruitful engagements sprouted from that.
  • We are hopeful that the final report of the consultants will encourage the implementation of a management authority or that the site as a whole will be leased out to a suitable private sector candidate on a long term basis.