Historical Lowveld

by Hans Bornman

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Dust Cover:

This publication is an original and a further contribution to record new information researched and assembled since the first edition of Pioneers of the Lowveld was published. It relates to trials and tribulations of those whose prioneering spirit brought life and prosperity to this low lying area known as the Lowveld.

A pioneer is someone who goes before, preparing the way for others to follow. In the Lowveld we have different pioneers; those who were the first to settle. Next the developers. Although they did not establish citrus, fruit, vegetables, animals, farming or other activities, they pioneered the development of the area. To these developers, the true pioneers, we pay tribute, for they had to contend with malaria, wild animals and other problems. Some of them lived on their own and today we reap the benefit of their labour. Some left the Lowveld and became well known in other parts of the world, but their pioneering years in the Lowveld remained unrecorded.