Good Bye Neil!

During a light hearted and well attended function, the business community of the Lowveld said their good byes to Mbombela Municipal Manager, Mr Neil Diamond. KLCBT organised the dinner to honour the two years Mr Diamond served the community in this capacity. His shock resignation clearly was not welcomed by the business community, but they understood that he needed to be with his family, who have relocated to the US. The dinner was attended by KLCBT’s leadership, including some board members, some high profile business people, Local Tourism Organisations and the media. Guests were given turns to speak and finally the man himself took the floor. He was visible sad by his departure from Nelspruit but promised that the culture of customer service will remain in tact at Mbombela. According to Diamond, the recent success and implementation of the turnaround strategy, is a team effort and the General Managers responsible for the implementation, are passionate and driven individuals. He said he will remain a loyal ambassador of the Lowveld and Mbombela. KLCBT’s Linda Grimbeek presented him with three bottles of local Gin (which was said to be his favourite), which were for being the “real” Neil Diamond, for being our friend and for being a Lowvelder.

Published in Lowvelder, 23 August 2019