About Loadshedding…

While this is something we have to live with and it will probably intensify as diesel becomes increasingly scarce, we need to understand how it works.  It caused havoc with Mbombela’s traffic during last week and it seems that people do not always understand why the electricity is off at certain times.  It is pre-determined on a schedule that is worked out for each day of the month.  The schedule for the 1st of every month will be the same for every month.  So it is easy to familiarize     yourself with the schedule and not be dependent on the apps that are sometimes not working when Eskom’s website is offline and some of them only go to stage 4, and we might possibly face higher stages than that.  The complete grid is on the website for you to         download.  If you do not understand how to work it out, please call me for assistance.  We will also gradually post the schedule separately for each grid for easy reference, so keep visiting the page.  It will stay on the Notice Board.

Example: You live in Riverside which is Block 1. They announce stage 4 loadshedding on the 12th of the month…

Start by looking on below the 12th… you will search for block 1 next to stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 for every two hour interval… so this is what you will find for the 12th for Block 1:

05h00 to 07h00 (block 1 appears next to stage 3 in that time slot, so it is included in stage 4 loadhsedding)

13h00 to 15h00 (block 1 appears next to stage 2 in that time slot, so it is included in stage 4 loadshedding)

21h00 to 23h00 (block 1 appears next to stage 1 in that time slot, so it is included in stage 4 loadshedding)

If you have stage 4 loadshedding it is likely that the same time slot will appear up to 4 times over a 4 day period, this is what recently happened from 07h00 to 09h00 in Nelspruit, causing havoc with traffic.

Please call me if you need help with this. Linda: 082 834 5687.