WTM Africa 2022 – Shall we go?

Great news for the tourism industry is that WTM Africa has indicated that they plan to host the next show in Cape Town 11—13 April 2022.  We will have a Kruger Lowveld stand and make it as big as we possibly can, but for that we need your        participation.  The cost will be       R11 580 excluding VAT per sharing       exhibitor.  The amount will be payable once off or in instalments as you set yourself on the booking form.  This is including your booth, name board and 2 chairs (as before).  We will supply the rest and ensure there is space on the stand for larger meetings.  Travel and accommodation, etc. will be at your own cost and   arrangement.  Please let us know if you wish to      reserve your space.  We do not have much time, so please do this asap. E-mail to                                  admin@krugerlowveld.com.