World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report on SA for 2017/18

In the 2017/18 WEF GCI outlook for SA, shows a decline in nine of the twelve pillars and a drastic drop by 14 positions in the overall ranking from 47 in 2016 to 61 in 2017. Despite the decline overall South Africa remains one of the most competitive countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and among the region’s most innovative scoring 39th ranking in innovation.

The country’s institutional environment (76th), financial markets (44th), and goods market efficiency (54th) are all ranked weaker than the previous year. Health & Primary Education and Labour Market Efficiency improved steadily over a seven-year period.

Corruption, crime & theft, including government instability are cited as three most problematic issues for doing business in South Africa.

The report shows all the statistics and details about each of the 23 pillars.

Download report:  WEF GCI 2017-18 Research Note 06.10.17 v3