We have interns available for admin and finance positions

We have funded interns available that are ready to be placed               immediately with host employers in the field of finance and admin.

You will only pay a nominal HR fee of R1800 excluding VAT for us to place them and manage their logbook.  No extra admin burden on you as the host employer.  They go through workplace orientation and mentorship for the first 6 weeks of their placement.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to expand without having to appoint permanent staff right away.  Plus you do your duty to train at least one young person to enter the job market or become an business owner.

The placement is for 16 months.  After that you are encouraged to employ them permanently but it is certainly not expected.  You can also opt then to request new interns.

The students already went through incubation and are ready to start.

Please contact Zelda Wright if you are interested to have an               appointment for further discussion about all the details.

Tel:  013 755 1988