Upgrade of Penny Street, Mbombela

The good news is that the developers of the new centre in the Orchards area is paying for the upgrading of Penny Street and yes, there is a brand new traffic light – please take note.

Here is some more information and assurance regarding the construction activities to take place:

Following the initial communication with the property owners of Penny Street, a public consultation meeting was held on the 19th of June. Various comments and issues were raised at the meeting and some of the owners recommended that a one-way system rather be investigated. However, in order to assess the possibility of making the Penny and Joubert/Du Preez street a one way as requested, it is very important to obtain inputs from the City of Mbombela. The project team is therefore consulting with Mbombela to assess the possibility in terms of technical and financial implications. Once this has been assessed, all owners will be notified and the relevant information will be distributed.

The developers would like to inform all parties that while this alternative is being investigated, Mbombela will continue to upgrade lower Penny street up to Joubert street. The construction activities that will be noted, will only be for this area which is essential for any of the potential alignment alternatives.

They further give the property owners the assurance that Mbombela and the respective project team is investigating their recommendations, and the current upgrading does not imply that Mbombela is starting with the Penny Street connection.

For further information, please contact:

Anne-Mari White from Core Environmental Services: