Tourism Cooperation Agreement Signed

On Friday 11th October 2019, Mr Pat Ngomane, MEC of Mpumalanga Department of Economic Development and Tourism, together with representatives of MTPA and the three regional tourism organisations from the Province signed the Cooperation agreement for tourism which was drafted at the Tourism Stakeholders Indaba at the end of August 2019.

The Cooperation agreement sets out how public and private sector will work together to grow tourism in Mpumalanga Province and deal with pertinent issues such as tourism safety, transformation, infrastructure, etc.

Various sub-committees are to be established which will include members from the tourism industry as well as government, who will guide and assist all the role players.

A Think Tank comprising the major role players will be meeting on 20th November to drive the process forward and to initiate implementation of the resolutions taken at the Mpumalanga Tourism Consultative Indaba, held at end August 2019.

“We are very pleased to have been involved in these exciting interactions between government and private sector. The resultant improved communications will assist hugely in pulling together all the strands of the tourism sector and will enable Mpumalanga to hone its provincial marketing strategy¬†and to ensure a prompt and effective response to the challenges that face the industry in the region and countrywide. Tourism development and job creation are first and foremost in the aims of our organisation and this improved cooperation will go a long way in facilitating¬†progress in these areas,” says Mr Oupa Pilane, President of Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism (KLCBT) and Mpumalanga Chairman of South African Tourism Services Association (SATSA).

Published in Lowvelder, 25 October 2019

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