The Final Gazette with all the lockdown regulations

Download Gazette including the form to be used as transport / movement permit for staff performing essential services:

Download sample of permit:

Restriction of movement

All confined to place of residence, unless strictly for the purpose of performing an essential service, obtaining an essential good or service, collecting a social grant, or seeking emergency, life-saving, or chronic medical attention.

Movement between provinces is prohibited and between metropolitan and district areas.


Every gathering is prohibited, except for funerals with certain restrictions.

Permits to perform essential services

The head of an institution must determine essential services to be performed by his or her institution, and must determine the essential staff who will perform those services.  Provided that the head of an institution may delegate this function, as may be required in line with the complexity and size of the business operation.  Persons performing essential services, must be duly designated in writing by the head of the institution on a form that corresponds substantially with the form above.


All borders of the Republic are closed, except for transportation of fuel, and essential goods


Anyone not adhering to the directives during the lockdown period will be dealt with by law enforcement officers. 

Public transport

Only can be used for purposes of rendering essential services, obtaining essential goods, seeking medical attention, funeral services and to receive payment of grants.  Provided that such vehicle carries no more than 50% of the licensed capacity and all directions in respect of hygienic conditions and limitation of exposure of persons to Covid-19 are adhered to.  If a person rendering an essential service is unable to travel to and from his place of employment, the employer must make the necessary transport arrangements.

Loss or damage

No person is entitled to compensation for any loss or damage arising out of any bona fide action or omission by an enforcement officer under these regulations.

KLCBT Closing

KLCBT will be closing at 15h00 today.

Essential information will keep coming via newsletters as the administrative people will work from home.

Some reservations agents will also work from home and we will make all those details available on the website as soon as we have confirmed the logistics are in place.

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