Start your growth trajectory in 2024 with taking on an intern

This is the easiest and most effective way to grow your business or invest into the future of our country and build our economy.  Take part in the KLCBT internship programme.  Each business should take on at least one intern, this is the only way to grow as a nation.  It is the only way that our valuable skills and experience can be transferred to the next generation and not simply vanish with us one day.  SMMEs can also share in this    opportunity through the KLCBT internship programme, whereas we as KLCBT will provide workplace orientation, interviews with the employer and interns to place the best suitable students to you.  We will further manage the interns and provide the full suite of HR services required to host the intern and to make sure all their tasks are complete and log books are completed so that they can qualify at the end of the internship.  At that time you can easily transition into taking on the person on a       full-time basis, should you choose to do so, but there is no obligation.  The cost to the employer is nominal, with a small once-off registration fee of R1100 (excl. VAT) and a monthly HR management fee of R1800 (excl. VAT) per intern.  This will enable you to take-on three    employees for the price of one, while they are trained tailored to your requirements!