Meeting our new Ministers in the National Executive & MECs

We are entering a remarkable phase in SA politics and it will be very hard work for us at KLCBT to meet everybody, from the new Members of the Executive Council in the Mpumalanga legislature, to the new Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

The Government of National Unity is a very interesting structure.   Not only is the government now well and truly separated from the ruling    party, it is structured in a way that different political parties’ ministers are put in positions to work together.  This has to drill down to the MECs on provincial level as well as municipalities and government agencies like MTPA and MEGA.

Now, more than ever, KLCBT together with our alliance partners, will play a big role in being the glue between departments and other entities.  The departments we will work closely with are:  Agriculture, Cooperative   Governance &Traditional Affairs (governing municipalities), Employment and Labour, Forestry Fisheries and the Environment, Police, Public Works and Infrastructure, Small Business Development, Sport Arts and Culture, Tourism, Trade Industry and Competition, Transport, Water and Sanitation.

We look forward to meet all of them during their roadshows. Congratulations and all the best!

And here are the Mpumalanga members of the executive council: