Launching SATSA Discourse: A forum for you to engage with industry peers

Dear Members and Stakeholders
SATSA’s new Discourse is a platform for members and industry to connect, collaborate and advise each other.
This online forum will be hosted on the SATSA website, with forum rooms open 24 hours a day for members to engage on a variety of topics. Topics can be added at any stage and we encourage members to tell us what you want to talk about, not only during COVID-19 times, but beyond the crisis.
We will kick off with the following topics:

  • Tourism Cancellations & Refunds – one of the biggest pain points in the current crisis, but also to focus on how terms and conditions and cancellation policies are developed in a post COVID-19 world   
  • State of Disaster Business Relief – discussion and suggestions around the current relief options available
  • COVID-19 Questions – anything that might not have been covered by SATSA or our partners
  • Tourism Sustainability and Recovery – ideas, projects and suggestions on how industry can work together and plans to be put in place to find our way out of the COVID-19 crisis 
  • SATSA Membership – suggestions, questions and ideas for SATSA to action
  • Market Place – digital platform to ‘brag’ with your product (training/digital educationals/virtual site inspections, etc)

The forum is open to anyone in the tourism industry, but please note that there are guidelines that will govern how we engage with each other, most notably with respect and empathy as we are all in this together.

Although we will monitor the forum for compliance and extract common issues, the forum will not be moderated, so please use it as a positive space to engage with each other.

To register, please click here.You will then receive an email to activate your account and verify your email address. Please click on the link in the email to finalise your registration.   

See you on the Discourse!