KLCBT welcomes sentencing of cable theft syndicate leader

The KLCBT welcomes the sentences handed down to cable theft syndicate leader Americo Njango and four others, of between 17 – 48 years imprisonment each.

The financial losses for Eskom, Transnet, Telkom and Municipalities amount to countless billions every year and it comes out of the pockets of the tax payers.  Not only do these cases cause inconvenience to businesses and households being left without electricity or telephone connections, they cause injury and death to people committing these thefts but unfortunately also innocent people, mostly children who touches live wires.

We acknowledge and thank the joint industry working group formed by Eskom, Transnet, Telkom, SAPS, National Prosecuting Authority, Business Against Crime and the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for their tireless work to combat cable theft.

Download statement from Eskom here:  Eskom – Historical Sentencing of Cable Theft Syndicate Leader