KLCBT welcomes new development (updated)

Comment made to media on 1 July 2019:

The KLCBT welcomes any development and it aligns with our vision of the development potential of the Lowveld area.

We have identified seven development nodes / catalytic projects that will uplift our region to a world class destination with opportunities for all.  One of the seven is to develop Mbombela as a vibrant capital city to attract the more youthful travellers and cater for younger people to study and stay in Mbombela.  We believe that this development will be an important step in that direction and set a trend of how the future Mbombela should look.

It will provide very necessary housing and facilities for people working at the new high court who will be more youthful professionals who are probably not interested in Mbombela’s traditional suburban lifestyle.  Any development at this stage will impact the local economy which is stagnant at the moment.  It could not have happened at a better time.

Knowing Mr Gumede’s reputation, we are convinced that he will use local contractors and suppliers and provide business opportunities in his development for local people and local businesses.   We truly hope that this centre will be an example of how development can take place without more money being taken out of the Lowveld, by contractors and by corporate tenants in a centre.

Published in Lowvelder, 21 June 2019


A planned R5 Billion development is set to transform the city’s skyline and revive the town…

Guma Group have been awarded the tender to develop the land where Nelspruit Rugby club is situated…

Linda Grimbeek of KLCBT said it was great news.  “We welcome all development,” she said.  “And given that Gumede is a local resident we trust that he would make use of local contractors and suppliers as much as possible.”

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