KLCBT is investigating legalities re lay-offs

KLCBT and SATSA have been working tirelessly to get to the correct legal stand on the options going forward.

  1. Pay your staff if you are in business;
  2. Retrench your staff if you are permanently closing down (follow consulting procedures as set out in the Labour Act, etc.)
  3. Short-time, or reduced salaries (also allowing for a consultation process), staff will earn less.
  4. Temporary lay-off if you are not planning to close down permanently (with this one especially we are battling to find the correct and legal way of doing this)

With options 2 – 4 the staff will have to claim benefits directly from UIF as from July 2020 (if TERS is not extended).

We will give you the accurate information, templates and links to use as soon as we have the information available.

BREAKING NEWS: 21 July 2020

The government has decided to extend its Covid-19 relief scheme for workers for an extra month-and-a-half until August 15.

Through the temporary employer/employee relief scheme (Ters), the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) provides income support to workers who were either not paid or not given their full wages during the lockdown.

Still VERY unclear if this is generic or industry specific. Or whether there will be a further allowance for specific industry thereafter. Will update as we hear.