Join the DriveMoz Group before you leave for Mozambique this holiday

Dirk Fourie came up with a unique idea to create a social media community that can advise, warn, assist, provide information to and befriend fellow visitors to Mozambique. The DriveMoz Facebook group has files of frequently updated information on travelling to Mozambique: what you need for the border, the traffic laws & fines, emergency numbers, where to find female friendly toilets, routes to avoid Maputo, etc. The group is interactive and quick to respond to your questions and quests for advice, as there are more than 19 000 members, ready and prepared to be of assistance with advice based on their previous experiences. Or join the real-time assistance and communication group on Zello (now almost 3000 strong). Zello is an app for smartphones and is downloaded for free and works like a Walky-Talky. DriveMozzers recognize each other with the attractive DriveMoz rear and driver window frame stickers. Stickers are available at KLCBT Crossing Centre at R50 per set.

(Visit for further information or find Drivemoz on Facebook to join the group)