It is public participation season – do your bit as an active citizen!

This is definitely the season of public participation, the time of the year when all government departments and municipalities are drafting their budgets, plans and policies for the next financial year. This newsletter is dedicated to inform our members about these processes and to ask for input. We cannot criticize if we do not give input and constructive ideas when it is required.  It is our duty as active citizens to participate in consultations processes to make your voice heard when it is appropriate to do so and not afterwards when it is too late.  If we are active in planning processes, government and private sector will form a very important relationship which can only benefit our region.


The first public participation process is about the City of Mbombela’s Integrated Development Plan—this is essentially the capital budget for economic development. What can be implemented with our limited resources which will make our city better?

The KLCBT will have a private stakeholder session on 10 October where we will make a submission on behalf of businesses, and we invite you to send any ideas you may have to me or participate directly during the public meetings in all the wards.

Here are the details of the public consultative meetings:

IDP Consultative meetings final schedule 2018

View the previous IDP:



In developing these precinct plans, the Municipality is requesting input from the public and key stakeholders. The City of Mbombela will be running public participation sessions, which you are invited to learn more about these initiatives and provide your suggestions and comments.

These plans include:

Tekwane Hub Precinct Plan, White River Precinct Plan, Mbombela CBD Precinct Plan, Mpumalanga Fresh Produce Market, University of Mpumalanga Precinct Plan and finally the Hazyview Precinct Plan.

Forward input to KLCBT before 5 October or participate in the sessions, or submit input in writing to Mbombela by 20 October.

Here are the details of the public consultative meetings:

Public Notice_ Precinct Plan Development.1

View documents here:

draft mbombela cbd precinct plan

northern area univ and fresh produce precinct final draft 14.06.2016

whiteriver precinct plan final draft 20.06.2016

hazyview precinct plan final draft 20.06.2016

4. tekwane hub prencinct plan



Stakeholders will have the opportunity to comment on the draft document until the 31st October 2017. Please send any comments to us at the KLCBT before that date.

The City recognizes the importance of climate change response and its role in the future sustainable social and economic development of the municipal area. The City acknowledges the multi-faceted threats and opportunities that climate change poses to its economy, vulnerable communities and unique ecosystems. As such, the City provides ad commitment in its Vision to ensure the metropolitan’s resilience to climate change in the future, as per its municipal mandate.

Download Draft Strategy:  480102_CoM_Climate_Change_Strategy_ Draft_For_Stakeholder_Comment_20170929



Eskom has applied for a total allowable revenue application for the 2018/19 financial year. Eskom has applied for a total allowable revenue of R219 514 million. Eskom’s total allowable revenue application translates to a 19,9% average increase in electricity tariffs.

Closing date for stakeholder comments is 13 October 2017 and for this reason I ask from our members to please e-mail us with comments and the serious impact such an allowance will have on your business.

Public hearings will take place in all provinces between 30 October and 17 November, but we have not yet received the details for Mpumalanga.