Gate quotas in effect for day visitors at the Kruger National Park over the school holidays

The day visitor quota for the Kruger National Park is a management tool that’s used to maintain the park’s carrying capacity.

It is in place throughout the year, but generally only needs to be applied over long weekends and holidays due to the volume of park visitors.

Pre-booked day visitors get preference over non-booked day visitors at the gate. Visitors are urged to make pre-bookings for their visits prior to their arrival and there are three time slots which they can choose from:

• Time slot 1: 06.00 to 08:00

• Time slot 2: 08:00 to 10:00

• Time slot 3: 10:00 onwards

Pre-bookings can be made at Kruger Lowveld’s office at the Crossing Centre by calling 013 7551988, or online via SAN Park’s website at