Documents for Mining Permit Application near Marloth Park

Dear Interested and Affected Parties,

During recent consultation meetings held by the consultant of the the applicant, it was clear that the necessary documents were not made available to all the Parties in preparation for the meetings.

KLCBT offered to host the documents on our website where everybody can access it. It is all contained in the One-Drive links below. It is very large files and takes a long time to download, so please be patient.!AqQG477gFBelg7UVHnNJ4OskuW9K2A?e=6dK1Jt!AqQG477gFBelg7UVHnNJ4OskuW9K2A?e=JgaRk7

Notice of the next meeting will be circulated, but it is expected to be in three weeks.