Diversity in the Workplace Workshop to address a broad spectrum of issues

Diversity is the inclusion of a wide variety of people of different races, religions, personality types, age groups and cultures in a group or organization. It is important to understand the terms and concepts related to diversity of each of these groups and how to optimize diversity management in an organisation. Attending the workshop will improve your knowledge and understanding of diversity in the workplace; make clear its value to improve performance of your teams; and understand central diversity management concepts. Programme and Outcomes • 07h30 Coffee and registration • 08h00 Welcoming • 08h10 Shift in Human Resource Management: The changing nature of work, employees and leadership requirements in the 21st century workplace • 09h00 Diversity: Much more than just ethnicity • 10h00 Coffee/Tea break • 10h30 Diversity Management: Improving performance and satisfying customer needs • 11h30 5 Generations of employees + 1 Workplace = Disruption! • 12h30 Closing: Now what? • 13h00 Closing Who should attend This workshop is intended for anyone who wishes to understand the subject of diversity within the workplace and how to leverage it gain a competitive advantage in the market.