Congrats to re-elected SATSA Committee

  Dear Members,

SATSA hosted its 52nd Annual General Meeting, as well as its individual 10 chapters, on 26 August 2021.

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the meeting was held virtually, and we are pleased to announce a great turnout with 205 people registered and quorum achieved.

Thank you to everyone who joined. We hope that you found the insights shared by the great line-up of speakers very useful. We appreciate the time made available to us by former Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom, Discovery’s Chief Actuary Emile Stipp, and renowned business leader and Chairman of Yellowwoods, Adi Enthoven.

A summary of the adopted resolutions follows below. All resolutions were adopted 100% by members and were ratified at the SATSA Board meeting following straight after the AGM.

Special Resolutions – MOI Update

1. Resolved to add regional and / or international chapters
2. Resolved to add that members from countries outside South Africa may also apply or be referred as an
    International Associate. They will be Non-Voting Members and not eligible for bonding
3. Resolved to add that application as an International Associate shall be made via the SATSA website at (“SATSA Website”) or emailed to the SATSA COO, based on the requirements set by the
    SATSA Board
4. Resolved to add that International Associate: applies to business outside of South Africa who sells
    destination Southern Africa
5. Resolved to add that the fee for International Associates shall be set by the Board on an annual basis
6. Resolved to add that businesses offering animal interaction adhere to SATSA’s Animal Interaction
    Guidelines or are in the process of adhering

Please click here for the updated MOI – Version 4, 2021.

Ordinary Resolutions
  1. Resolved to elect those members who have been suitably nominated to serve as SATSA Chapter
    committee members 2. Resolved to confirm SATSA’s Chapter Chairs as announced
3. Resolved to elect those members who have been suitably nominated to serve as SATSA Directors
4. Resolved that the Treasurer’s Report incorporating the draft Annual Financial Statements for the year
    ended December 2020 is approved and adopted
5. Resolved that the firm Alchemy Audit Services, and Cisca Pretorius as the designated auditor, be
    reappointed for the ensuing year
6. Resolved that the auditors’ remuneration be approved for the 2021 financial year
7. Resolved that the annual Membership fees do not increase for the year commencing on 01 January 2022

SATSA Structure

We are proud to announce the confirmed Directors and Chapter Chairs below, as well as the SATSA Board and Chapter Committees, which together form the official SATSA structure.

Click here to view the full structure
What a great gathering of industry experience to ensure we truly are member-driven and to help us drive the association through to a new future.  

These individuals represent business of all shapes and sizes, from small, medium and large businesses to women, youth-owned and rural tourism products. They volunteer their time freely to give back to the industry at large.  

Congratulations to the new Directors, Chairs, and Committee members. We look forward to walking a long road with you and thank you profusely for the selfless work that you do.  

Kind regards  
David Frost