Barberton Makonjwa Geotrail

by Tony Ferrar & Christoph Heubech

Retail Price: R120

Dust Cover: Wecome to the Barberton Mountain Land, geologically also known as the Barberton Greenstone Belt. This beautiful rough-ribbed landscape is not only inviting to explore but is a natural treasure house and well-known archive of our planet’s deep-time history. Its great value in producing gold and other minerals for the past 135 years is now being surpassed by its scientific value, promising more sustainable use for scientific discovery, education and tourism.

Known locally as the Makhonjwa Mountains, this range contains some of the oldest well-reserved rocks on Earth. Studying them has opened a window of knowledge into Earth’s extremely distant past. From these rugged hills and deep valleys we have learned how the Earth evolved from an inhospitable lump of grey rock into the beautiful blue and green planet that supports life in all its wonderful and complex variety.