Adopt a traffic light to operate traffic lights during power outages

This is the second call on shopping centres and other large businesses near busy intersections to adopt a   traffic light so we can work towards having easier traffic flow during loadshedding and other outages.  We will have to rely on your own supply of an electrician to  connect the traffic light to your alternative supply, i.e. generator etc.  We have tried to put solar in but the   batteries get stolen and there are other challenges as well.  We appeal to you to come forward please.  We have posted a complete list of intersections we wish to connect (Nelspruit and White River), on the website.  KLCBT will give you great publicity to ensure people know you are doing this—and more clients will be able to come to you if they are not stuck in traffic!


Madiba Drive / Van Rooyen Street (TUT)

Madiba Drive / Banket

Madiba Drive / Dr Enos Mabuza (West End)

Madiba Drive / Sarel Cilliers (Nelspruit Primary)

Madiba Drive / Piet Retief (Sonpark / Robs)

Madiba Drive / Crossing (Citrus Crescent) SARS

Madiba Drive / Old Pretoria (Tigerwheel)

Madiba Drive / R37 (Lydenburg)

Madiba Drive / Value Mart

Madiba Drive / Governmet Boulevard (Southern Sun)

Madiba Drive / Eastern Boulevard (BMW)

Madiba Drive / Wille Street (Toyota)

Madiba Drive / Kiaat (Penryn)

Samora Machel / Paul Kruger

Samora Machel / Henshal

Samora Machel / Friedenheim

Samora Machel / Du Preez

Samora Machel / Valley Hyper

Samora Machel / Illanga

Samora Machel / Graniet

Piet Retief / Roodt

Piet Retief / Sarel Cilliers

Henshal / Van Der Merwe

N4 / Brown

N4 / Paul Kruger

N4 / Kaapsehoop


R40 / Sabie

R40 / Rocky’s Drift

R40 / Engen