Use your right to participate in law making in South Africa

This is almost more important than voting.  Exercise your right to have your say when concept laws / acts are tabled in parliament.  This really has an impact. 

Public Participation is requested by the particular Ad Hoc Committee of Parliament and you can have your say by submitting your input directly to Parliament on their web portal or even easier, through Dear South  Africa.  You can subscribe to them and receive newsletters to prompt you to participate when it happens.

Right now there are a number of important bills that needs your say and we urge you to go to Dear South Africa to give input or to simply say, yes to agree or no to  disagree.  The portal also offers a nice summary of the bill and what the particular concerns or benefits might be.  Some of those are:

The Spy Bill (deadline 15 February)

The Draft Roadmap for the future of Electricity (deadline 24 February)


You can give advice to the Minister of Finance on the Budget for 2024/5 before or on 11 February.  This is a great opportunity.  Some of the comments in the speech have come from the ones we have submitted!  Be next to hear your name in the speech.