Urgent directive to aid tourism safety

Increase in criminal incidents

We have taken note of an increase in criminal        incidents all around our area.  It is disconcerting to open the news every day and see another report of crime, ranging from mugging to murder.  What is worse, is it seems the criminals are learning from the news reports and copy-cats are operating soon after.

Bad road conditions on tourism routes

We also have to be aware that many of our major tourism routes are in a bad to terrible condition, some have been closed down due to flood damage.  GPS do not always work in our beautiful mountains, and visitors in particular end up lost or find themselves in trouble.

Concern for tourism safety

Considering the above conditions, we need to take extra care that our tourists are safe while travelling in our area.  We need to take every precaution to keep them and our tourism industry safe. 

Share the safety tips with guests!

We designed a leaflet that will be handed out at car hire companies at OR Tambo and locally, which is practical and not scary.  These tips will assist tourists and locals not to fall victim to crime or have accidents.

Assemble a transfer service in each town to take people to restaurants

The small towns generally do not have taxi services that can take people to restaurants at night.  The tour         operators should arrange amongst themselves how     people can book transfers between accommodation     establishments and restaurants in order to keep guests safe when they go out at night.  The guests should     NEVER be in a position where they drive after dark or visit an ATM after hours.

If an unfortunate incident occurs

Victim Support will be required in the following cases:

1. Incident of Crime against a tourist

2. Accident

3. Death in the family of a tourist (medical condition)

4. Serious illness that require hospitalization

5. When a tourist themselves is arrested

Ensure the victim support system is activated immediately by calling the Tourism Help Line 066 3000 991 where one of KLCBT’s professional responders will guide you and send a victim support volunteer to assist guests.   The support system will make sure all additional costs are covered and all necessary reports are filed.

Report Corruption

Bribery is also increasing.  Report the incidents and    details on the help line and we will initiate investigation.