Update on solving noise pollution

As noise pollution in Mbombela persists, we have come a long way in the process.  The call centres now answer the calls and log OB numbers.  There were meetings between Mbombela, SAPS, the liquor board and the drinking places to formally warn them that this behavior will not be tolerated and there will be        consequences.  Some got fines of R10 000, but it is not enough of a deterrent.  So next in line is my own meeting with the police commissioner to request them to patrol and close places on time, this will happen next week. (The meeting)  If complaints persist, Mbombela will start confiscating equipment, and finally oppose liquor licenses and withdraw business        licenses.  Yesterday I had a meeting at the District and we had a 6-hour long discussion on how this          contributes to gender based violence.  The MM simply said, “they will be closed down if they do not comply”.  This includes the student houses.  Meanwhile the    District brought extra decibel meters to monitor and get documentable evidence to take those steps.  When I asked for an update from Mbombela this   morning, I was shockingly told that people are not complaining anymore.  Please phone every day if this carry on—help us to solve this problem.  Phone any of the 2 call centres and get an OB number.