Travelling to Mozambique? Procedure at border crossing

  • No firearms will be allowed to cross the border, without the required permits.
  • No animals (pets) will be allowed to cross the border, without the required permits.
  • Third Party Insurance is compulsory for all non-Mozambican registered vehicles entering the country. These can normally be procured on the border, from official representatives of the different insurance companies.
  • All vehicles are required to be equipped with two red Warning Triangles, two Reflective Jackets and one fire-extinguisher.

Health requirements: Precautions – Malaria risk.


  • On entering the border post you will receive a gate pass.
  • Inside the Customs/Immigration building you need to complete the paper work.
  • All goods must be declared, especially valuables such cameras and computers.
  • Keep the stamped Customs declaration form in a safe place – you will need to show it to the Customs officials on re-entering South Africa.
  • Custom officials will also stamp your gate pass.
  • Proceed to complete Immigration procedures.
  • Immigration officials will also stamp your gate pass.
  • Return to your vehicle and drive through to the Mozambican side.

Before leaving the South African side you must give the gate pass to the guard on duty.  


  • On entering the border a guard will hand you a gate pass.
  • “Runners” are not government officials. No official fees are payable on either side of the border for the completion of documents. It is advised not to use them.
  • Proceed to Immigration (Migraçao) – each individual must have passport stamped.
  • Ensure that the gate pass is also stamped.
  • Driver to obtain a vehicle form – complete request for Temporary Import permission regarding vehicle, boat trailer and electronic equipment – issued by Customs officials (Alfândega) and generally valid for a period of 30 days.
  • Proceed to the duty counter declare goods and pay relevant duties. Keep documentation for the duration of your journey as proof of payment.
  • Alfândega officials are at liberty to search your vehicle.
  • If you should be found to be in possession of any undeclared items these will be confiscated.

Hand in the gate pass and enter Mozambique.