The biggest Thank You!

On behalf of all our all the business in the Lowveld, the KLCBT and its management would like to sincerely thank SAPS, the SADF, the security companies, the taxi associations and the many volunteers who are doing a sterling job at keeping the Lowveld safe.  Businesses have suffered big blows in the last few months, and most of us are really down to rock bottom, especially after the country went back to Level 4 and travel from Gauteng is prohibited.

We simply cannot take any more, and that is why we really are indebted to each of the thousands of people who have bravely taken to the streets to guard shopping centres, patrol roads and monitor accesses to cities and towns.

We have full confidence in our security forces and do believe that peace and stability will be restored soon across our country.

Meanwhile, we appeal to every individual not to share any warnings on social media, as almost all of them are fake.  If any warning is legitimate, it will be shared on KLCBT’s website and Facebook page as well as mainstream media.  The spreading of fake news cause unnecessary panic, traffic congestion and many phone calls to security companies, who do not have the time to answer these unnecessary calls.  They have to spend their time and all of their capacity to keep us safe right now.

If you have spare capacity or funds, join the rebuilding process to get lost businesses open again and get staff back to work.  We will recover this economy by rebuilding it, not by waiting out the consequences.

If this is a turning point in our history, let us all pull together to ensure it turns in the right direction, which will provide for a prosperous future for all of South Africa’s citizens.  Find a way to do your bit.

Thank you so much!