Resurgence of traffic police roadside corruption

It has been brought to our attention that after several months of relative quiet, there has recently been a resurgence of traffic officers targeting tourists in the region, particularly along the R40, with officers demanding cash payments or threatening “victims” with arrest. In the light of these incidents, Chris Harvie of Hazyview Chamber of Business and Tourism engaged with Provinicial traffic authorities on Monday and was given the opportunity to address 200 traffic officers, highlighting the importance of tourism to the region and emphasising why the targeting of tourists by corrupt officers can negatively impact on the image of the country. The Kruger Lowveld anti-roadside corruption cards have proven to be effective against traffic officers attempting to seek a cash payment from an unknowing tourist and we recommend that these be handed out to all visitors travelling in the area. We have however discovered that the SAPS telephone numbers published on our cards are no longer manned by officers who are aware of the anti-corruption campaign and we therefore recommend that in the interim our number 0848570348 be written on the card until a card with new numbers is issued. Please note our number is not manned by a police officer but we have dealt with these incidents regularly and can guide the victim and if necessary call the relevant authorities to give assistance. Should you require additional anti-corruption cards, please mail us.