Profit from an intern! Give back to the future and grow your business!

KLCBT has secured funding for stipends for 86 interns to be placed at small businesses for 18 months.  There are 21 massive benefits for any company to take an intern, in particular a small        business which can sometimes double in size by taking on an    intern.  No business is too small!  We have taken care of the usual irritations, recruitment, HR          processes, mentorship and       completion of their log books, so all you can focus on is to do what you do and benefit from extra help while you grow your business.  We need to get commitments for   placements now before first week in January.  So what do you have to do… A registration fee towards the workplace orientation session is        payable, R1100 excl VAT.  Further to this, you will only pay R1800 excl VAT per month for the duration of the internship.  This will start from February 2024.  A small price to pay for hassle-free growth.  After the period, we hope that the intern will be employed (but we expect no commitment).  It is an easy step up from the HR fee to a entry-level salary.  This is how we grow employment and businesses. More on website or contact Linda at the office or email


Your company can save money on recruitment, Human Resource Management and salary packages and profit from a Structured Internship Program while contributing to the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program(CSR).

As discussed herewith a brief introduction to an Internship Program with a more in detail explanation in attachment 1. Structured Internship Program Explained. Interns on Automotive, Administration, Sales, IT and many other positions are available.

Affordable rate:

Internship Success place Interns in companies at a very affordable rate of R1800.00 retainer for the 18-month Internship (N6 interns) or 12 months Internship (level 4 Interns) with a once of R 1100.00 administration fee vat excluded.

At this rate, a company can employ 3 Interns at the rate of one minimum wage employee which allows for additional hands that can be used throughout the company giving the Intern opportunity to gain experience on everything about the industry and get the opportunity to complete the Work experience Logbook necessary for the completion of their diplomas.

Internship Success will recruit, place, and manage the Internship Program and be the liaison between the College and the Company.

Intern Salary(stipend)

Internship Success will source funding for the stipend or salary of R3000.00 / R3500. 00 a month for the interns for the Internship period of 12,18,24 months.


Business Management, Financial Management, Management Assistant, Electrical Engineering, Hospitality, Human Resource Management, Tourism. (We are urgently looking for placements for 86 graduates). 

We also offer Ncv’s L4

Automotive, Boilermaker, Generic Management, ERD and Fabrication, Office Administration. 

BBBEE Contribution – Claim retainers From Seta Levy contribution:

Should the company pay Seta Levies the retainer payments can be claimed as training contribution with N6 Interns as Internship Success will assist the students with the completion of their Work Experience Logbooks for completion of half of the credits necessary for the completion of their diplomas.

Normal Concerns with Interns:

Companies are afraid to take in Interns because of previous bad experiences regarding Time Management problems, Laziness, Bad attitudes, Carelessness, and Rudeness towards employees, management, and customers.

Internship Success provides, tried, and assessed, coaching and training to ensure that the normal issues and problems companies experience with Interns from other institutions will not materialise.


Numerous companies benefitted from these Internship.

References Attached – Attachment 8 

Peace of mind:

Should the Intern not work out for whatever reason the Intern will be replaced within 48 hours without the hassle of normal disciplinary actions (Should Interns be available).

No employment Commitment:

The company will not be under any obligation to employ Interns after the Internship period.

Should the company decide to employ the Intern because the Intern is a perfect fit for the company a normal recruitment fee of 12.5% of the annual salary package will be invoiced to the company.

21 Benefits of such a Structured Internship Program:  Attachment 

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