Mbombela Municipal Manager Resigns

KLCBT and of course myself personally will miss the energy, courage and especially the competence of this man, and we had no trouble remembering his name! That caused a stir when we first announced we are hosting a breakfast with Neil Diamond… I can only wish that the great turnaround strategy he started to implement, will not lose momentum. During the past few months we have seen tangible results of his work. A positive financial and management turnaround at City of Mbombela, great interaction with the business community (without telling us fairy tales), and an open door for the chamber to deal with issues. I am truly sad and disappointed that we could not provide enough reason for him to stay. Of course we wish him all the best and we grant him all the happiness and success he deserves, and he will always be a friend and welcome in our community any time. I believe we will have a great ambassador for the Lowveld and Nelspruit in him wherever his path will take him.   – Linda Grimbeek, KLCBT COO

Published in Lowvelder 19 July 2019:  https://lowvelder.co.za/494349/mbombela-municipal-manager-shocks-resignation/?http://fbclid=IwAR3oTknw1z1fQxpCL2EJqVFzkzblWIZaKc2-_cmgBTQxXOPqV8QNXjAlD2U