Certificates of Origin

Certificates of Origin are sometimes required by a client in an export transaction. This is a document that proofs that the origin of the goods are from a certain country. The purpose of such a document is to get discounts in customs and excise rates under certain trade agreements, or to get preferential treatment under certain trade agreement or sometimes the clients simply prefer to buy from certain countries.

There are various types of Certificates of Origin used by our exporters:

SADC Certificate used within SADC – these are only issued by SARS and our closest point is Komatipoort at the border.

EUR100 used to export to European Countries. This one is also issued only by SARS and can be requested at the border or Pretoria head office.

Form A – some old trade agreements still require a form a, particularly for certain goods going to the Far East and USA. We issue those at our offices at a small fee.

Certificate of Origin – this is most often issued to those clients who prefers buying from SA. We issue them at our offices as well at a small fee.

All forms are available with us and included in the cost of issuing the certificate. Online options are also available for clients needing certificates often.

We also regularly provide training to exporters and potential exporters regarding requirements, documents and certificates of origin.

For further information, contact Zelda Wright at 013 755 1988