Amended Level 1 Lockdown Regulations for Easter Weekend


  1. Liquor stores will not be allowed to operate over the Easter Weekend from Friday to Monday.
  2. Gatherings is allowed at an increased capacity of 250 indoors or 500 outdoors, but at a maximum of 50% capacity for smaller venues) with strict control measures in place. This will stay valid until 15 April at least, when the state of disaster proclamation expires.


  1. Sale of alcohol permitted on site, i.e. restaurants, bars and taverns as per licence conditions but has to close at 11h00 latest.
  2. Shops, restaurants, bars, etc. has to close at 11h00 at night latest.
  3. Curfew remains from midnight to 04h00 in the morning.
  4. Wearing of masks is compulsory.
  5. Public recreational spaces like beaches, parks and dams will remain open.
  6. Funerals remain restricted to a maximum of 100 people and with a two-hour limit.
  7. Interprovincial travel will still be permitted.