The Kruger Lowveld, a tapestry of culture

The Kruger Lowveld has an undeniable magnetic attraction to being a big game destination of choice. This is because of it varied landscapes, the world-renowned Kruger National Park and adjacent private and nature reserves. A very import aspect of what makes our destination vibrant is its people.

A visit to any town in the Kruger Lowveld is met by locals who are always warm and incredibly hospitable. This is home to a diverse range of cultures such as the Swatis, Afrikaans, Tsonga, Mapulana, Pedi, Zulu and so many more. The richness is evident when visiting The Shabalala Interpretation of Culture Centre in Hazyview.

Located within the township of Shabalala, this centre keeps the Swati culture alive through its vibrant performances and unique storytelling. One of the main traditions amongst the Swati people is dance. Celebrations are incomplete without performances. At the centre visitors are treated to the Sibhaca dance, which is an energetic and lively dance led by the males. Agile and incredibly flexible, the males display vigorous warrior moves that are accompanied by intense drumming and singing. Females also display their dance prowess through ingadla, which is exciting to experience.

Every song has a strong message behind it, which is relayed through the body movements and emotive faces of the dancers. Every performance evokes a spiritual feeling of the joy of being in Africa, every chant makes visitors come alive. The evening festivals are filled with drumming and an electric sound as guests feast over African cuisine and umcombitsi (traditional African beer). Guests are invited to partake in the dances and can also purchase Swati regalia as a keepsake.

The Kruger Lowveld region is incredibly varied with its beauty going beyond the aesthetic. Experience the rich culture that is lovingly preserved in this unique balance between ancient and modern times and get a glimpse of the real Africa!