WARNING !!!! Bogus Tour Operators

We have received warnings and evidence of many bogus tour operators who advertise packages         especially to the Panorama Route.  They have scammed potential visitors and many hotels out of a lot of money during the past few months. 

Of course most of these new operators are legitimate and we appreciate their business and the high      numbers of visitors they bring to the area, but we need to exercise caution when dealing with unknown      operators.  We have also slackened our own rules about taking deposits in advance because of Covid uncertainties, people are generally reluctant to pay deposits—so we are wide open to be scammed.

How to prevent being scammed:

Try to stick to your rules about taking payments, they are there for a reason.

Fake Proof of Payment is provided usually the day guests are leaving, so you are not able to verify the payment on your own online banking system.

Verify any payment with the client’s bank if it is not reflecting in your bank yet, but do not neglect this step.  You are able to do this on any bank’s website.

Ensure you are paid in full BEFORE guests check- in.  REMEMBER, even a legitimate payment can be reversed before it reflects on your account.

The same goes for credit cards…  Only accept a credit card that is physically presented to you—        no remote payments!  The person must present an ID corresponding with the name on the card.  Ensure it is cleared and slip is printed.

Once you established that a fake proof of payment has been presented, contact SAPS immediately so it is not too late to arrest the bogus operator.     Always open a case—let’s get rid of this problem.