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Montebello Kraal Manure has been open since 2006 and is your supplier for all your fertilizer and plants.  We have Bio Boost which helps boost your plant without harming it.  We also have our Kraal Manure which is mixed with our EM product giving you a more natural compost and the benefit of our compost you don’t have that terrible smell when it’s time to put compost in your gardens.

Pop into the nursery to see what specials and new products have arrived.  We now also offer garden clubs, garden education workshops for our fertilizer products and for all the gardeners to learn more about our products and items available.

Benefits of BIO BOOST:

  • Inoculate rhizosphere = soil drench
  •   Inoculate phyllosphere = foliar spray
  •   Beneficial uses exudates & microbial food        sources = competition
  •   Soluble nutrients, growth-promoting substances, metabolites

EM is not a chemical but a microbial inoculant that functions as a biological control measure in suppressing and/or controlling pests through the introduction of beneficial micro organisms into the environment.  Therefore, pests and pathogens are suppressed or controlled through natural processes by increasing the competitive and antagonistic activities of the micro organisms in EM inoculants.


Reg No:

EM can provide higher quality products in commercial farming or gardening

  • EM promotes a healthy interaction between plant roots and beneficial micro-organisms through EM action.
  • EM assists in producing healthier and more productive soils.  Soil is aggregated at a deeper level and consequently enhances root development making plants more resistant to drought.  EM also assists in making plant nutrients in the soil more available by breaking down organic matter with the help of their enzymes and absorbing nutrients like N, P, K, S, and Mg.  The micro-organisms can thus store nutrients over a longer period, slowly releasing it as the plants need it.  EM is also a buffer against excess fertilizer.  Humus is also increased.  Healthy soil-healthy plants.
  • EM can suppress harmful micro-organisms by competitive exclusion in the soil and on the surface of the plants.  Disease and insect control substances can be extracted from plants by fermentation using EM.  Weeds, herbs, vegetables and fresh tree leaves can be used for this purpose during the production of EM-FPE (Fermented Plant Extract)
  • EM (effective micro-organisms) can be inoculated into the solid through EM compost.
  • EM can speed up the heating of organic matter in compost to above 60 Degrees Celsius in 3-4 days.
  • EM can break down and absorb NH3, H2S, CH4 etc and this reduces the loss of C, N, and S into the atmosphere.  CH4 causes O2 depletion in the soil.
  • EM suppresses the foul odors and therefore also fly numbers during compost making.
  • EM Compost suppresses diseases.
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