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The agricultural industry in the Lowveld is facing a crisis because of no regulation and no protection of the bees and the bee industry. This is why KLCBT became involved, not because of one species, but because of a whole growing industry that is under threat! Macadamias, blue berries, and basically everything else. Many regulations from foreign markets will be imposed in the very (too near) future, that limit or prohibit the use of chemicals and pesticides. This is why we need bees, and a lot of them!

We need a set of rules or guidelines to ensure that farmers not only get thriving bee colonies on their farms, but also that bees on the farms are protected from chemical sprays during flowering.

The sustainability of collecting large numbers of swarms every year in the Lowveld and transporting them all over the country, is highly questionable and is by no means regulated or managed in any way. If we do not address this issue internally, change my be imposed on us from authorities that could affect all parties negatively.

Levels of biodiversity on farms should be addressed. Farming with green deserts is by no means sustainable and life should be encouraged back into the orchards. How?

We realise that all these highlighted aspects are dynamic and that this not only reflects in agriculture in SA, but also the rest of Africa.

Our immediate goals will include:

  • Reduction / Elimination of harmful pesticides
  • Biodiversity improvement
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Education of farmers to be bee-better
  • Increasing bee populations to meet the increasing demand for pollinators
  • Creating bee havens
  • Research
  • Include all sectors:
    • Bee-keepers
    • Farmers (all types)
    • Chemical suppliers and consultants
    • Forestry
    • Research & Educators
    • Bee havens and suppliers of seeds for havens
    • All interested parties

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