Member Benefits: SAMCORD

After the sad farewell of MCLI, corridor users quickly noted the absence of a private sector representative body, particularly with the lack of regular engagements with government pertaining to the corridor.

For this reason, the Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism (the original incubator of MCLI), has decided to reintroduce such an organisation as one of the departments of KLCBT.  This new organisation will be known as South African Maputo Corridor Development (SAMCORD).  Trudi Jones will be employed as General Manager of the division to drive the vision and objectives of the new organisation. 

As the official representative body of private sector businesses and stakeholders along the Maputo Corridor or using the corridor, our main mandate is simply to enable the seamless, efficient and predictable flow of people and goods along the corridor; to promote the corridor and its facilities to new users; and to represent and speak on behalf of the private sector community using and operating along the corridor.  We do this by building and maintaining meaningful relationships with all spheres of government as well as likeminded organisations, and by acting as liaison between these entities and the corridor operators.

We will specifically address the following:

  • Identify blockages and constraints that prevent a seamless flow and try to constantly address them to improve the flow;
  • Building strong relationships with Lebombo Ressano Garcia Border Posts, SARS and MRA, CTA, MCNEt, C-BRTA, Mpumalanga Traffic Authorities, SANRAL, TRAC N4 and road terminal operators to address private sector issues;
  • Providing information to the SA market of the latest processes and regulations in Mozambique as well as a platform to reach out to the Mozambiquan market;
  • Address the issues of corruption and the weighbridges;
  • Engaging the World Bank to implement the Corridor Transport Observatory to provide credible data on the movement of people and goods;
  • Any other critical matters that may arise, which we have to address on your behalf.

Please allow us to make a presentation to your decision makers in this regard.  We can only implement SAMCORD if we can be self-sustainable.  We do not need a lot of funds, but we need funds nevertheless.  We would like to invite your company, as one of our key stakeholders, to join this new organisation as a member, but also to if you wish, to join our steering committee.  Please let us have a date and time at your earliest convenience to address you individually.

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