Cooking workshop @ The Seedling


24 August 2019

With the rapid worldwide increase in plant-based eating habits, it has become necessary to update our perspectives on nutrition, food production and preparation.
Here at The Seedling we have put together various practical workshops to help those who are simply curious, as well as those who would like to transition from being omnivores or vegetarians to following a vegan lifestyle.

(24 August  2019)
This workshop illustrates how to take one bulk recipe and turn it into various dishes in a clever way as not to reveal the previous interpretation, that is, use the same thing more than once and save time, energy and money.
Clever planning can help reduce your valuable time in the kitchen by strategic application, thereby having 5 awesome meals sorted for the whole week by prepping once during the preceding weekend.
This session is ideal for busy people or for those who do not enjoy the monotony of cooking weekday meals every night.

Contact them for more information on 083 229 3751 or 072 261 3519