War on Tourist-Unfriendly Roads continues – 17 April 2018, Lowvelder

Author: | Published by KLCBT on at 07:55:33 | Last Updated On: 17 April 2018

After years of engagement, finally, for the first time ever, there has been an acknowledgement from the Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport (DPWRT) that tourism is a key economic driver in the province.

On April 5 KLCBT managed to secure a meeting with DPWRT.  Neither departmental HOD arrived.  Other officials were sent instead.

The agenda that KLCBT is trying to get onto the table is that conditions of our tourist (and other) roads are so bad that we face a crisis.  This requires a realization of this fact and that DPWRT cannot simply carry on with the “business as usual” view…

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