Thank you, City of Mbombela

Author: | Published by KLCBT on at 07:53:16 | Last Updated On: 5 April 2018

The KLCBT would like to thank the Mayor of City of Mbombela and the MMC for Community Safety who quickly responded to talk to the protestors who were blocking access roads to the Kruger National Park!

This was followed by an immediate clean-up by Mbombela.

Further to this, following requests by the KLCBT, the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, indicated that they are planning a radio campaign to inform communities how to address their grievances in the correct manner and how much damage is done to the economy in their own communities by these road blocks. It is devastating to tourism and yet most of the people in those areas is employed by the tourism industry.

KLCBT is also enlisting the assistance of several youth organisations as well as MPs responsible for this constituency, to join the campaign.

Back to Mbombela, another vote of thanks for the increased presence of traffic officials during traffic light outages and accidents in Nelspruit. We trust this spells the beginning of increased traffic law enforcement in Mbombela.

Finally, we would like to thank the amazing personal assistants of the Municipal Manager and the Mayor for your assistance to get messages through to the right people and provide us with critical contact details.