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  • KLCBT Budget Speech Breakfast hosted for the first time by Stabilis Inc

    Arguably, running a business has changed more dramatically over the last decade than during any other 10-year-period in history.  Some of the major changes to the way we do business on a daily basis include virtual offices, the Cloud, new communication mediums and mobile life. Also, in a recent global … more »

  • Municipality in talks with private sector – 16 February 2018, Lowvelder

    The City of Mbombela Local Municipality has entered into informal talks with the private sector to try and improve the local economy. Download article:  Municipality in talks with private sectors Lowvelder 16 February 2018

  • Kurger Lowveld Tourism’s priorities for 2018

    Kruger Lowveld Tourism (KLT) has its sight set on various strategic priorities for 2018, following a brainstorming session with the regional tourism body’s president and executive management. According to Lisa Sheard, Kruger Lowveld Tourism Executive Director and Marketing Consultant, KLT’s priorities this year include engaging with government and other stakeholders … more »

  • 2018 will be a good year for those who can embrace change

    The success and survival of business is depending on how they respond to change, uncertainty, crisis, etc.  We call ourselves entrepreneurs not only because we have a certain skill set and because we are working independently, but also because we should have this unique quality to be responsive to outside … more »

  • Get your 2018 Kruger Lowveld Visitors’ Guide now

    Get your new 2018 Kruger Lowveld Visitors’ Guide from our offices now! This year’s Visitors’ Guide includes an exciting seven-day itinerary, adventure activities, ten little gems and so much more! The guide books will be distributed primarily at travel shows, entry points to the region, information offices and member’s establishments … more »

  • Great self-drive day trips and adventures for the whole family

    What can we do?  Where can we go to? What to do this holiday? Consult this fantastic guide for day trips, things to do, shopping, adventures and places to take kids to. Download guide:  Nelspruit White River Attractions and Day Trips 2017 Do not forget to visit this website every … more »

  • No fear of Electricity and Water Cut-offs for Mbombela this December

    8 DECEMBER 2017: We were able to confirm with the office of the Acting Municipal Manager that both Eskom and the outstanding water accounts were paid by the City, after receiving their grant funding at the end of November. Per statements issued by the Dept of Water, today was the … more »

  • Digital delight from pocket rocket – 24 November 2017, Lowvelder

    Members of the KLCBT were treated to insightful information about how to better utilize smartphones for their businesses’ marketing. This was the chamber’s final networking cocktail evening for the year, which was held at Southern Sun Emnotweni last Thursday… Download article:  Digital delight from pocket rocket 24 November 2017 Lowveld Media

  • KLCBT opposes Eskom’s application for a 19,9% rate increase at hearing

    During an official hearing conducted by NERSA, KLCBT and 11 other entities presented evidence under oath, to substantiate our objection to the 19,9% increase in Eskom’s allowable revenue in 2018. After sketching the background of the increasing poverty rate of our region, KLCBT presented six points to object to the … more »

  • KLCBT’s input into the City’s Integrated Development Plan

    The key message to the City, delivered by KLCBT, was “Get your finances in order, spend every effort on the revenue enhancement strategy, and get service delivery up to a world-class standard. KLCBT sketched the background of issues and facts that were taken into account as the basis of their … more »