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  • Let the healing begin…

    This is a call to all our members and their staff members to actively participate in the healing process of South Africa. We survived an onslaught of political uncertainty, unspeakable levels of corruption, instigated racism and many disappointments—but we inherited at birth the greatest country in the world. At the … more »

  • Participate in the SARS Quarterly Business Perception Study (Click here)

    The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is conducting a Quarterly Business Perception Study for the 4th quarter of the 2017/18 financial year. The survey aims to gauge the opinions of business owners, financial directors, chief financial officers, chief executive officers or managing directors on the impact of the current economic … more »

  • 2018 will be a good year for those who can embrace change

    The success and survival of business is depending on how they respond to change, uncertainty, crisis, etc.  We call ourselves entrepreneurs not only because we have a certain skill set and because we are working independently, but also because we should have this unique quality to be responsive to outside … more »

  • No fear of Electricity and Water Cut-offs for Mbombela this December

    8 DECEMBER 2017: We were able to confirm with the office of the Acting Municipal Manager that both Eskom and the outstanding water accounts were paid by the City, after receiving their grant funding at the end of November. Per statements issued by the Dept of Water, today was the … more »

  • Purchase a print of the Seven Magnificent Tuskers of the Kruger National Park by Vanessa Lomas

    We are very excited to invite all our members to join us and the Good Neighbour Foundation (GNF) in a national campaign to fight poaching (particularly rhino and elephant poaching) in the Kruger National Park. The project is a joint effort by Chambers of Commerce near the Kruger National Park … more »

  • KLCBT opposes Eskom’s application for a 19,9% rate increase at hearing

    During an official hearing conducted by NERSA, KLCBT and 11 other entities presented evidence under oath, to substantiate our objection to the 19,9% increase in Eskom’s allowable revenue in 2018. After sketching the background of the increasing poverty rate of our region, KLCBT presented six points to object to the … more »

  • KLCBT’s input into the City’s Integrated Development Plan

    The key message to the City, delivered by KLCBT, was “Get your finances in order, spend every effort on the revenue enhancement strategy, and get service delivery up to a world-class standard. KLCBT sketched the background of issues and facts that were taken into account as the basis of their … more »

  • KLCBT Annual Awards – The 2017 Winners!

    The KLCBT Annual Awards is a showcase of Excellence, rewarding outstanding business achievements, sound business practices and recognising businesses and individuals who truly make a difference within the Kruger Lowveld Community. This 17th instalment held on Friday the 13th only spelled good luck as everybody who are finalists in this … more »

  • It is public participation season – do your bit as an active citizen!

    This is definitely the season of public participation, the time of the year when all government departments and municipalities are drafting their budgets, plans and policies for the next financial year. This newsletter is dedicated to inform our members about these processes and to ask for input. We cannot criticize … more »

  • Announcement of Finalists in the KLCBT Annual Awards

    We are proud to announce the finalists in the 10 contested awards in the KLCBT Annual Awards (in alphabetical order). THE KLCBT / TRACKER CONNECT MEDIUM BUSINESS ENTERPRISE AWARD: (Any type of business with sales of over R5 Million but less than R20 Million per year) Extreme Signs; Nelspruit Fasteners; Wildman … more »