Protest action hampering tourism and business, says KLCBT

Author: | Published by KLCBT on at 13:05:36 | Last Updated On: 17 August 2018

The Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism (KLCBT) is becoming increasingly concerned about the continuing protest action, which is hampering tourism and business in Ehlanzeni.


“The KLCBT notes with concern the increase in violent service delivery protests that seem to be taking place every second day in Ehlanzeni. The protests have a huge impact on tourism and business growth as some of our members have not been able to operate and have had their shops looted,” says Oupa Pilane, the President of KLCBT.


“The KLCBT has a deep understanding of the seriousness and the impact that a lack of service delivery has in the lives of our people. We are fully behind them, raising their concerns, which are our concerns, and that of our employees.


“However, we strongly condemn all criminal acts in the form of violence, closing roads and making it difficult for tourists to travel, destruction of property and looting, under the guise of ‘service delivery protests’.  It’s worrying that authorities are failing to put an end to the unrests, clearly displaying the incompetence of those who are given the responsibility of serving our communities,” says Pilane.

He explained that these areas resemble a war zone and that protestors are wreaking havoc. The KLCBT has had reports from its members who cannot get to work and from tourists who are trapped and unable to travel. “This is particularly distressing as tourists are helping to create much-needed jobs in our country,” he said.


The KLCBT thus calls on all leaders in government to work with all organs of civil society to ensure that any service delivery issues are properly raised and attended to so that damage to the economy and investor confidence can be avoided.


“We want those in leadership positions in government to know that the people come first in everything they do, not their pockets and selfish interests. There is no place for corruption, complacency, cynicism, or excuses,” says Pilane.


“We appeal to our people to raise their concerns around service delivery in a non-violent manner,” he added.



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