No fear of Electricity and Water Cut-offs for Mbombela this December

Author: | Published by KLCBT on at 15:05:45 | Last Updated On: 8 December 2017

8 DECEMBER 2017:

We were able to confirm with the office of the Acting Municipal Manager that both Eskom and the outstanding water accounts were paid by the City, after receiving their grant funding at the end of November.

Per statements issued by the Dept of Water, today was the deadline for defaulting municipalities to submit payment plans for the outstanding water accounts, which was not necessary in Mbombela’s case, because the account is paid.

Further news is that Mbombela City’s financial turnaround plan was tabled at the council meeting last week and details of the plan will be presented at a special breakfast hosted by KLCBT early in the new year.

KLCBT reported on 30 NOVEMBER 2017:

From our point of view there is no cause for concern at this point in time.  Firstly, some of the facts published need clarification:


  1. Mbombela was not notified of the intended water cuts and we find it appalling that these notifications happens in the media rather than through official channels. It really does not display good faith.  There is no paper trail of communication in this regard.
  2. Mbombela’s management have been in contact with the Minister as well as the Provincial Dept of Water Affairs to arrive at a suitable arrangement which both parties are comfortable with.  It will be very difficult for Water Affairs to enforce a cut off, since the supply of essential services like water, is by law protected more than that of electricity.  We welcome this dialogue so things can be sorted out in a proper and professional way, rather to create panic with ratepayers.
  3. Another point of clarification, Nelspruit will not be affected, since they are managed by Sembcorp Silulumanzi.
  4. We have further confirmation that the Eskom accounts will be settled in full on 1 December – no cause for concern about any cut off.  It is not per a down payment agreement, it is payment in full.


We have full confidence that things will get better with proper management, but it will take some time.  We need to be patient, but cautious at the same time.

We call upon the citizens of Mbombela to pay their utility accounts on time, especially during the festive season.  Let us all help in this way to assist Mbombela’s management to solve these problems.  KLCBT will keep members informed with correct and verified facts and intervene or support where necessary.

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