Mozambican toll tariffs to be adjusted

Author: | Published by KLCBT on at 10:07:46 | Last Updated On: 23 June 2017

Following confirmation from the Mozambican government, toll tariffs on the N4 Toll Route in Mozambican will be adjusted on 1 July 2017.


The toll adjustments will be applicable to both Trans African Concessions’ (TRAC) Moamba and Maputo Plazas, and will apply to all gazetted vehicle classes as follows: Class 1

Moamba Plaza – MZN 150.00 Maputo Plaza – MZN 30.00

Class 2

Moamba Plaza – MZN 380.00 Maputo Plaza – MZN 100.00 Class 3 Moamba Plaza – MZN 1100.00

Maputo Plaza – MZN 350.00

Class 4 Moamba Plaza – MZN 1500.00

Maputo Plaza – MZN 500.00


Public transport vehicles (taxis and busses) will however not be affected by the increase with their already discounted tariffs remaining at the following rates: Class 1

Moamba Plaza – MZN 81.00 Maputo Plaza – MZN 15.00

Class 2 Moamba Plaza – MZN 198.00 Maputo Plaza – MZN 51.00


Although contractually, toll tariffs are to be adjusted on an annual basis, this has not been the case at the Moamba and Maputo Plazas where tariffs for Class 1 and 2 vehicles were last adjusted in 2013 and in 2014 for Class 3 and 4.

Toll adjustments were agreed by TRAC, the South African and Mozambican roads agencies (SANRAL and ANE) at the start of TRAC’s concession contract with the fees calculated against the benefit that the toll road would offer road users, compared to an alternative road. The fees were then set at a percentage of the saving.

Since the last toll fee increase in 2013, more than 1,670 billion Meticais and 234 million Meticais were spent in the rehabilitation of Section 17 and the upgrade of the Moamba Plaza respectively. Furthermore, approximately 693 million Meticais will be spent over the next few months in the extensive upgrades of Section 16 (Ressano Garcia to Moamba Interchange) and 1,8 billion Meticais on Sections 19 and 20 (Shoprite Intersection to N4/N1 Interchange). In addition, a further 675 million Meticais will be spent on the widening of Section 20C (N4/N1 Interchange to 16 of June Circle).


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